CASE HISTORIES-Driinn Charging Station

Driinn Charging Station (IMC-PL888)

Objective: A major industry vendor was seeking a giveaway item for the largest wireless technology exhibition of the year.  As a conference gift, the item needed a very attractive price point and the company required a logical connection to the wireless industry of cell phones, PDAs and iPods.  As a giveaway, the company wanted something new, unique and useful to both men and women to distance themselves from other exhibitors and draw consumers to their booth.

Strategy: The distributor presented the Driinn Charging Station, a unique shelving station suitable for any hand-held wireless device.  A generous logo area on the charging shelf would allow maximum visibility for the company and an array of colors allowed them to choose colors central to their company logo.  The price point was far less than the company was prepared to spend and even at that, the distributor felt word-of-mouth traffic about the Driinn would greatly increase the exhibitor’s booth activity and overall success at the exhibition.

Result: The Driinn giveaway was the talk and the hit of the exhibition as industry professionals saw the logo and made their way to the vendor’s booth.