CASE HISTORIES MoMA 4in1 Twist Clock

MoMA 4-in-1 Twist Clock (M-C2585)

Objective: A high-tech company was looking for a gift for attendees of a technology conference where they would be demonstrating their new “sure start” security feature. They wanted something unique and time-related to tie back into the “run time” of their “sure start” feature.

Strategy: The distributor presented the MoMA 4-in-1 clock inspired by a Rubik’s cube. Its sleek rubber finish and digital display was the perfect clock for this project with the ease of changing from time to alarm to date to temperature.

Result:  The clock was well-received by attendees and several remarked at how nice it was to receive a retail-branded (MoMA) item as a gift. The client has since requested another MoMA item for use on another project.